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Words Are No Longer Enough … The Future Is Video

Vignette’s Guy Westlake explains why the Internet really is the new television.


North and South: The UK Digital Media Divide

Recent research has highlighted a clear regional split across the UK in the use of online media as a business tool. New Media Knowledge spoke to some regional players from the four corners of the country to get a true reflection.


Who is Here to Learn?

As part of the research “Who is here to learn?” The role of the New Media Knowledge network in the digital media sector, NMK set up an online survey to find out people’s views on NMK.


Marketers Cautious Over Social Media Spend

Social media marketing has been high on the agenda for many communications experts. Most marketers can see how the Internet has revolutionised the way the general public communicates, but many are still unsure whether they can leverage this technology to push brand messages.


Mobile Surf's Up

The mobile Web has long been thought of as the next step for the Internet. Location-based services, micro communications and instant picture sharing could potentially revolutionise the way the public interacts with the Web and the way they communicate with each other.


The Digital Savvy Customer

A report by consumer and media research company, Scarborough Research has revealed that nearly 6 per cent of the US population are leading edge consumers.


Mobile Shopping Finally Here?

According to figures from Juniper Research's Mobile Web 2.0: Leveraging Location, IM, Social Web & Search report, mobile 2.0 applications currently generate $5.5 billion. With the sum expected to rise to $22.4 billion by 2013, businesses are unsurprisingly looking to target this lucrative market.


Mobile Forecast

There are nearly four billion mobile phone handsets in use worldwide, roughly four times more than the number of computers. As handsets become more advanced, it seems an obvious route for operators to look at revenue streams other than voicecalls.


The Winners

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the NMK survey over the last month. The quality of the response was extremely high with some very good ideas for future development, events and courses. And the winners, selected randomly from all the responses that included contact details, are...


Online TV set for Success

Legitimate online TV and video services are set to generate revenues of $7.9 billion worldwide by 2013, according to a report by Informa Telecoms & Media.


Social Network Privacy Fears Exaggerated

Despite the initial clamour, and concern, about employers using social networking sites to aid recruitment, new research has shown that three in four employers actually avoid using the likes of Facebook when sizing up potential candidates.


Outside the Box

As mobile technology becomes more advanced, users are becoming less reliant on carriers for accessing content, according to a new report. The survey, Mobile Content Survey Results by ABI Research showed how mobile users are turning to a variety of sources, such as the web and their own personal collection to upload content onto their mobile phones.


Businesses Fail to Target Older Internet Users

Businesses are missing out on a potentially lucrative market by not targeting Internet users over the age of 34, according to new research.


Americans Turn to Web for News

A survey has revealed that the American public is shunning traditional media such as newspapers and TV as their primary source of news. The Internet has become the main channel of information for nearly half (48 per cent) of Americans - an increase of 8 per cent from one year ago.


More Minorities Shop Online

The results of a new study by International Demographics have revealed how the number of purchases made online has increased sharply in US minority groups.


Free Downloads Top Mobile Search

Search engines are the home pages of many Internet users around the world - a gateway to the World Wide Web. In the mobile environment, search engines are a good match, catering to those who need instant information. This could be the location of a restaurant, the phone number for the nearest tailor or times for the local cinema.


Businesses Failing to Profit from Web 2.0

With web 2.0 apparently set to revolutionise the business world, new research has revealed that companies are not quite ready to take advantage of social media tools. Tim Hoang reports.


Brits to Spend £42bn Online in 2008

Thirteen years on since the first secure online shopping transaction in August 1994, e-retail represents a huge market for British retailers. The IMRG has released its annual statement detailing the current industry trends. Tim Hoang looks at the findings.


Nearly Half Chinese Youth Addicted to the Internet

A new survey has found that over four in 10 young Chinese admit to feeling ‘addicted’ to the Internet.


UK Media Consumption: Report

A new independent report commissioned by financial service company Zurich has identified a number of key trends that are set to radically alter the way in which the media is consumed by the UK population.


More Money for Social Media

A new survey from Prospero Technologies shows that 88% of businesses expect to increase their social media spend in 2008. The companies who responded were set to either increase (58%) or significantly increase (30%) the amount of money they invested in these channels.


Ups and Downs in Music

Research compiled by eMarketer from recent surveys shows that the total market for music is much larger than it has been historically, but that nonetheless total expenditure on music is considerably lower.


Comms in 2007

Ofcom’s annual report, The Communications Market 2007, weighs in at over 300 pages, and provides a comprehensive overview of television, radio and internet services.


Media at the Tipping Point

Deloitte’s ‘State of Media Democracy’ survey shows a strong demand for user-generated content, but also considerable cause for celebration among traditional media producers.


Content Still King

US trade body the Online Publisher’s Association has introduced new metrics to account for consumers’ behaviour online. Initial results show that content sites account for nearly half of consumers’ time, with that proportion rising on a monthly basis.


Web for Speed; Print for Comfort

A poll conducted by AOP finds that readers prefer online publications to print for speed of access and convenience.


Youth News

The New York Times recently reported that the young are forsaking newspapers in droves.


UK Internet Trends

The OxIS Internet Trends 2007 report is packed with information about the latest trends and statistics in online behaviour, and is required reading for anyone working in digital.


Music on the Move

The 2007 Digital Music Survey from Entertainment Media Research shows that both traditional and not-so-traditional models for selling music face considerable challenges. However, there are also some surprising opportunities for new revenues.


Snakes and Ladders in Social Media

A poll commissioned by search agency Tamar shows how brands might win and lose on social media sites.


Ad Growth and Change

Spending on online advertising is expected to represent 18% of all UK advertising spending in 2007 — more than double the percentage in the US or in any other European country. That’s according to new research from eMarketer.


Switching Channels

IBM’s End of Advertising research shows that UK consumers are more addicted to the web than to television. However, the influence of advertising on the internet appears to fall behind that of traditional channels.


Conducting Online Research

An introduction to the principles and practice of designing, delivering and analysing online surveys.


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