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Facebook showcases successes at TFM&A

The annual Technology for Marketing and Advertising exhibition took place this week at London’s Earls Court, bringing together some of the UK’s leading Internet marketing innovators. New Media Knowledge checked in to watch Facebook demonstrate its offering for advertisers.


One Young World Summit: Using social media to support the engagement of young leaders

Over 1,000 young leaders will be converging in London on the 8th February to the One Young World summit, dubbed the Young Davos by some sections of the media, to discuss six global issues with world leaders ranging from Kofi Annan, Sir Bob Geldof, Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus and Oscar Morales, the founder of One Million Voices Against FARC and leader of the world’s largest anti-terror demonstration in history. See this article by Marian Salzman.


Network Buys vs. Influencer Engagement – what’s really best for reach?

Digital marketing strategist Leon Bailey-Green discusses likely changes in the nature of brand awareness campaigns online.


Advertising on Social Networks Ineffective

New research into the effectiveness of different advertising mediums has revealed that advertising on social networks has had very little impact on consumers so far.


Social Networking in the UK

Ofcom has revealed the findings of its research into the effect of social networks on British lives. Tim Hoang reports.


Facebook Offers Chat

Facebook has officially launched its new chat application for the members of the social network.


Social Network Privacy Fears Exaggerated

Despite the initial clamour, and concern, about employers using social networking sites to aid recruitment, new research has shown that three in four employers actually avoid using the likes of Facebook when sizing up potential candidates.


(MySpace) Odyssey

One of the most recent success stories in the movie industry was The Blair Witch Project. With a miniscule budget, the then unknown horror film used the Internet to promote itself. The film fuelled its own rumours as to its origins – with questions raised as to its authenticity. The Blair Witch Project went on to make $248 million worldwide at a cost of only $50,000.


AOL Acquires Bebo

Following several months of negotiations, AOL are set to enter an agreement to acquire social networking site Bebo for $850 million.


The Network Wars

The lines have been drawn in the social networking realm, as both Facebook and MySpace announce plans for their new advertising platform that uses the information the social networking sites have on their members. Tim Hoang reports.


Building Communities and Networks Online: Level One

This one-day course will provide a thorough introduction to the business and practice of running a community or social network online.


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