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To Be a Better Leader, Give Up Authority

Professor Vlatka Hlupic (Westminster Business School), in association with A.D. Amar and C. Hentrich, is publishing an article in Harvard Business Review in December. The article argues that the complexity of the recurrent business environment demands new mindsets and leadership skills, and concludes that relaxation of control can benefit any knowledge based company.


Social Unrest: Lack of Understanding Hinders New Media Marketing Investment

Marketing investment in social media has so far failed to match the hype surrounding those platforms. New research suggests that this is due to a widespread lack of understand of the business potential for social media among marketing managers. New Media Knowledge dug into the statistics.


Engaging Audiences for Culture Online

The Digital Horizons 2012 “Engaging Audiences for Culture Online” seminar organised by The South East Media Network explored how both cultural institutions and publishing companies are using innovative technological ways to engage and re-invigorate audiences. 


IT “Highly Valued”, But Not a Major Contributor to Innovation - Business

A survey has found that IT, while being “highly valued” by businesses, is not seen as a major contributor to innovation by most senior execs. New Media Knowledge wanted to find out why and what could be done to change board level minds. 


Case Study: Lenovo’s “eLounge” Opens its Virtual Doors for Business

Virtual worlds have opened up new sales channels for businesses. New Media Knowledge spoke to one PC vendor who has built its own. 


What Happens to Radio?

NMK’s event on Tuesday 27 February attracted a packed room of radio industry professionals, digital media experts and service providers eager to discuss the next stages of this unique medium.


Industry Welcomes 4iP

Channel 4 launched its 4iP initiative this week which aims to stimulate public service digital media across the UK. New Media Knowledge engaged the UK digital media community to see what it thought of 4iP.


ITV’s Overlay Advertising Trial Panned

Troubled ITV is experimenting with ‘automatically placed overlay advertising’ to help revive flagging revenues. NMK’s Chris Lee canvassed opinion from around the new media industry about the move.


Approaching the Crossover

Crossover is a series of ‘innovation labs’ for creative professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds: game developers, tv and film producers, web designers, animators, theatre practitioners and others.


Beers & Innovation: VRM

At the next event, we’ll be tackling the topic of VRM, vendor relationship management. Turning traditional relationships between individuals and companies on the their head, VRM promises a future where we’ll decide when and how brands get in touch.


Music on a Stick

American progressive rock band, Mars Volta is the latest music act to give its fans more choice when it comes to how they consume their music.


Beers & Innovation: Clients in the Wild

What is the role of PR agencies in the wild frontier of the social web? Do traditional PR agencies even have a future as digital agencies and marketing agencies jockey for position to take control of marketing and communications projects? PRs and digital media experts met on November 20 in the twelfth of our Beers and Innovation series of events to discuss the issues. Ian Delaney reports.


Beers & Innovation: Filthy Lucre

What can the digital industry learn from the adult entertainment sector? At the latest in our Beers and Innovation series of events, NMK dons its grubby mac to uncover the ways in which mainstream internet businesses might evolve by emulating this often uninvestigated industry. How might you adopt some of these tools and techniques to generate new business, embrace change and engage with mass markets effectively?


BBC Innovation Labs: Take Two

The BBC Innovation Labs have been much heralded by NMK, but what do we actually know about what happens if you?re lucky enough to go and what happens if your idea gets chosen? Kathryn Corrick spent time at the London Labs and spoke to Paola Kathuria and Frank Wales of Limitless Innovations to find out more.


BBC Innovation Labs are back

Following the success of pilots earlier this year, the BBC is extending its Innovation Labs programme. Just-b. Productions are delighted to be helping the BBC to deliver this years extended Northern Lab.


Beers&Innovation3:Web Services&MashUps

Innovation, community and and technology experts from Yahoo! and the BBC came together on 27th April to explain their own efforts in the development of web services and mash ups and discuss the opportunities and challenges in this area...


Beers & Innovation 2: User Content

Issues around user-generated content became more tangible and challenged old business models in 2006, creating opportunities for start-ups. So on 30th March we invited two experts in the field of media creation and UGC - Head of BBC Global News Richard Sambrook and Yellowikis co-founder Paul Youlten - to discuss the issues...


Beers & Innovation:UK Start-Up Culture

The inaugural night of the series on 9th February 2006 chaired by Tom Coates of Yahoo! saw entrepreneurs and innovators from Skype and talk about their first-hand experiences of the UK, US and European technology start-up scenes...


Beers & Innovation: Music @ Content2.0

The Content 2.0 conference on 6th June 2006 was rounded-off by a special Beers & Innovation session at Albannach on Trafalgar Square, featuring Stephanie Newman from Amnesty International and an interview centering on digital music with Tim Clark, manager of Robbie Williams...


Mobile Design Innovation & Older Users

The desire for a less cluttered, stress-free lifestyle is reaching into the sphere of mobile phones, according to recent research carried out by user-centred design company Instrata. But making phones accessible shouldn't mean dumbing-down, says Rachel Jones...


The Future Of Creativity & Innovation

The annual NMK / Cybersalon Christmas Lecture was delivered by Professor James Woudhuysen on 'The Future of Creativity and Innovation' to a packed audience at the Science Museum's Dana Centre on Thursday 15 December 2005...


NESTA Invests In Scottish Innovation

NESTA has announced a series of investments, initiatives and support-projects designed to drive innovation in Scotland...


The Future of Creativity & Innovation

At a forthcoming debate at the Science Museum's Dana Centre in London, one of Britain's leading innovation gurus will argue that the government is more interested in cajoling people into lower energy use than it is in championing science and technology...


AOL Innovation in The Community Awards

Innovative use of the Internet has secured AOL Innovation in the Community Awards of 2,000 for 30 forward-thinking charities and community groups across the UK. The environment, promoting writing talent and the representation of ethnic minorities were among the projects garlanded...


About the Innovation Labs

NMK's Innovation Labs at the University of Westminster's Harrow campus provide affordable managed workspace, communications infrastructure and business support to creative and technology start-ups.


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