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Kia Looks to Engage further with the Web Community

With car buyers increasingly turning to the Web for their research, today’s customers are extraordinarily well informed. For John Bache, database & digital marketing manager at KiaMotors (UK) Ltd. this means the role of the manufacturer’s website is changing. Car companies must move beyond standard brochure-ware and catalogues and start provisioning original content that increases customer engagement and helps to inspire people to visit their local dealer.

more Brings Back the Butler has reverted to its original brand – – in the UK, just three years after the iconic butler was dropped by the search engine. New Media Knowledge’s Chris Lee caught up with AskJeeves to find out why.


Cut&Paste 2009 Digital Design Tournament

It’s that time again. The Call for Competitors is open for entries! Got skills in 2D, 3D, or Motion? You could be one of the designers selected to represent London in fast-paced, single-elimination rounds, each with a unique design theme and set time limit.


i-design 08 - 3D to 5D

The first panel discussion broached the topic of 5D, the developing area of immersive design that touches on themes around sensory experience, virtual reality environments and design that is not just digital and not just virtual, but rather a hybrid of the two.


i-design 08 - Brendan Dawes, My Interactive

Brendan Dawes, creative director of MacneticNorth, talked about the ways in which his early experience of technology has affected his approach to interactive media and of the seismic shift that has taken place in recent years in how people use technology.


i-design 08 - Simon Waterfall

Simon Waterfall, creative director at Poke and former digital chair of D&AD, began the day with a series of questions and observations about the aspects of online media he found frightening and disturbing.


YDA Awards Open for Entries

The Y Design Awards (YDA), part of London Design Festival, is now open for entries. Covering nine categories, the awards recognise excellence in the UK’s digital creative industries at a designer level.


I'll Show You Mine

Part showcase, part confessional - ten of the UK’s finest digital designers bare their creative souls and share their work and wisdom. Each will reveal - in less than seven minutes - ‘the best advice I’ve ever been given’.


Creative Juice

Creative companies and individuals based in London are being offered a unique opportunity to develop their business skills, gain a better understanding of how to put their creative skills to the best use of their businesses, and how to maximise the revenue derived from their talents.


User Centred Design - Course

In order to make sure your site meets your audience’s needs, you need to start by understanding your audience.  This one day course demonstrates a variety of industry-standard tools and techniques that allow you to gain insight into your audience, what they are looking for online, and how to give it to them.


iDesign Videos

Many thanks to George Grylls for taking videos of the iDesign conference on September 18. The first 23 of these have now been uploaded to YouTube.


iDesign - Working the Walk

We’re delighted to say that Tuesday’s iDesign conference went down a treat. If you wanted to know where exactly this country is up to with interactive design,and where it’s going, then we think the Dynamo team nailed it with this event.


iDesign Podcasts

We’re sure many of you will be heading to the iDesign conference at the South Bank Centre on Tuesday 18th September. There’s a great line-up of speakers covering topics across the world of interactive media and design, plus the latest projects from foremost practitioners on display. Tickets are available here if you haven’t booked yet.


This Year's Y Design Awards Open for Entry

UK digital designers are invited to submit their work into the 2007 Y Design Awards, part of the London Design Festival which runs from 18th to 25th September 2007.


iDesign - Design for Life

Our world is increasingly filled with wild and wonderful gadgets, new technologies, ground breaking digital services, but what does this really mean for the individual?


The Future of Web Design

At FOWD this Wednesday, keynote speaker Brendan Dawes speaker outlined interesting ways forward for creative designers. Ian Delaney was there to report.


Keyword Creativity in Web Design

"Keyword Creativity" is the process of understanding customer behaviour through keyword research and using the insights gained to drive the creative process. Ken McGaffin explains.


User Centred Design

Usability is a topic that's often taken for granted or viewed as a matter of mysticism and instinct. The web guru puts his or her finger in the air, checks the entrails and then pronounces whether your site 'works' or not. Ian Delaney looks at a better approach.


Social by design

The sell-out event, Beers & Innovation 6: Social by Design, took place on 14 November 2006. Large numbers gathered to discuss social software design, development and innovation and, of course, to drink beer. Elena Egawhary reports


China's Digital Sector Focus On Users

Dr Rachel Jones, founder of Cambridge design and innovation company Instrata, reports on the recent SESUN project user-centred design (UCD) workshop tour of China. The workshops, led by leading practitioners in the field, shed light on the levels of technological progress in the country...


Mobile Design Innovation & Older Users

The desire for a less cluttered, stress-free lifestyle is reaching into the sphere of mobile phones, according to recent research carried out by user-centred design company Instrata. But making phones accessible shouldn't mean dumbing-down, says Rachel Jones...


Flash Enhances Mobile User Experience

The new Flash Lite player lowers costs and development time, has a bigger developer community and is coming pre-installed on new handsets. Compared to WAP, it's a gift to mobile marketers seeking to develop richer mobile experiences says Gareth Evans...


Reinventing Web Design: Why Not?

The urge to bland-out designs and produce 'look-a-like' sites is part of a wider trend of the web gone stale. With new innovations such as blogs breaking free of the shackles, is it time for corporate sites go back to the drawing board wonders Marc Pinter-Krainer...


Usability: Subliminal U-Turns

A new twist in the usability debate poses yet more dillemmas for web designers, online advertisers, retailers and service providers. Michael Nutley extracts the positives from this scenario...


15 Web Design Secrets

How can you make sure that your web site is an effective marketing tool? Andrew Neitlich gives 15 top tips that he believes many web designers don't know about...


The Website Design Process - a Framework

Zoe Black, NMK's Programme Director, outlines a process for the design of interactive products such as websites.


The Global Design Myth

Zaid Hassan offers a critical examination of UK new media's global pretensions.


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