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Greenlight reveals its top 10 predictions for Natural and Paid Search in 2010

As we head into 2010 the big question is what will the year ahead deliver for search marketing. In its ‘Year in Review Briefing’, Greenlight, the UK’s leading independent search marketing agency, provides a summary of developments in natural and paid search.


Online marketing — Getting the basics right

The growth in the use of the Internet in recent years has led to a huge shift in marketing activities to the online space. This article explains some of the key things for you to focus on to help you market effectively online. By Alan Gleeson, Managing Director of Palo Alto Software Ltd.


Ad network optimisation is not a 'dark art'

Online advertising is continuing to defy the downward trend of traditional advertising budgets. Research from Nielsen Online shows that the number of UK online display ad campaigns grew 11 percent in the second quarter of 2009 compared to the same period the previous year. On a global level, in July, Zenith Optimedia predicted that global online advertising spend will rise by 10.1 percent this year. In this article, Joëlle Frijters, Improve Digital, explains the concept of 'ad network optimisation'.


Online TV set for Success

Legitimate online TV and video services are set to generate revenues of $7.9 billion worldwide by 2013, according to a report by Informa Telecoms & Media.


Children Online

At NMK's Children Online event this week, Dino Burbidge, Creative Director at Digital Outlook, offered ten tips for brands wishing to capture the elusive attention of tots, teens and tweens.


UK Online Ads Soar

Internet advertising spends in the UK rose over 2mn in 2006 - representing an increase of 41.2 per cent as brands move their marketing budgets online.


Online Marketing on a Small Budget

The basics of getting seen on the Internet and persuading customers to visit and return to your site. By Bruce Townsend.


Your Brand vs. Your Brand Online

The value of your brand might rise and fall according to the environment it's measured in. Contrasting reports from BusinessWeek and Futurelab show how.


The game of regulation

Today's best computer, video, online and especially MMORPG games actively invite experimentation and exploration and, as a consequence, player's experiences vary enormously. The BBFC's Jim Cliff explores the challenges that these games bring to the regulator and what solutions are being considered.


NGOs must improve web strategies

Blogs, webcasting and online discussion groups are changing the way charities campaign and consult, according to a new report. But the report reveals that there is also a real need for charities to think more strategically about how to exploit other new opportunities presented by online tools


British Youth Grow Online Games Market

Internet research provider Nielsen/NetRatings revealed on 14th August 2006 the huge appetite that British kids and teenagers have for playing online games, with massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) scoring particularly high...


Charities Online Accounts Awards

Charitable organisations across the UK have just one month left to enter the Charities' Online Accounts Awards - Sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants and CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) - and win 5,000...


Downloading TV Online Becomes Habitual

Television is no longer just watched through a TV set and downloading TV programmes via the internet is becoming habitual. Increasing numbers of people watch TV through their mobile phone or through the internet (via a PC or laptop), new research reveals...


Pay Per View Film Premieres Online

Vividas, a developer and provider of video streaming technology, have annouced that they've teamed up with Prime Time Productions in Melbourne to deliver the world's first feature length movie to a global audience over the internet...


Interactive Training Goes Online

The iMedia qualification from OCR gives students of interactive media, and those wanting to enter the industry, access to a sophisticated range of tools and an up-to-date qualification...


Online Marketing at the Crossroads

Options for marketers in the era of empowered and connected consumers were explored at Latitude's inaugural Strategy Forum, held in association with NMK on 6 October 2005. Blogging, podcasting, and engagement marketing in general came under the spotlight...


Sony's Brand Media Manager Released

In a move that demonstrates how critical digital asset mangagement is becoming for big corporations, Sony have repackaged their brand media manager as a commercial offering...


New Statesman Site First To Go Audio

Last weekend the New Statesman launched Say It, an initiative that makes it the first UK magazine online you can listen to & download articles from in MP3 format...


Levi's Search For Girls Heroes Online

Levi's are asking young women to nominate their most insprational female role model via the Girls Only area of the Levi's Europe website...


First Online-Only PR& Marketing Outfit

In a sign of the market's growth, the UK's first completely online PR & marketing consultancy Consult the Guru launched on 5 May, offering to bring top-level marketing advice within financial reach of even the smallest companies...


Chinese Travel: Starting Online

Over the 'Golden Week' holiday last October, 101m Chinese travelled within the country, spending equivalent to $5billion. But only 0.9% book their travel/land tours and 1.4%, their air tickets online, reveals Profero's postcard from China...


Winning reputation wars online

In the era of blogs and consumer-driven message boards, protecting your brand is a more complicated process. Mark Rogers gives some advice on how to minimise brand risk and outmarket the detractors...


Online Art: Income & Context

Offering creative work for sale online is uncontentious to some, but many new media writers and artists feel very reluctant to charge for online content. Is there an income-generating model geared to art in this context, asks Edward Picot...


Madrid Summit gets Web Input

International summits aren't noted for inclusiveness or willingness to tune into ground-level voices. But Bill Thompson and openDemocracy are using the net to make a difference at a forthcoming summit on democracy and terrorism...


Privacy & Online Advertising

A year on from the introduction of the PEC Regulations, businesses understand they usually need customer consent to send marketing messages. But, say Briffa, inconsistencies between the Regulations and the CAP Code have caused confusion...


Modes Of Online Behaviour

It's a curious property of ideas that they occur, independently, to a number of different people at the same time, brought to life by circumstances. In the case of the idea of modes of online behaviour it's clearly an idea whose time has come, says Michael Nutley...


Vox Pop: Online Communities

Do you think online communities given power to the people? The second of our vox pop series explores this question... Have your say.


Conducting Online Research

An introduction to the principles and practice of designing, delivering and analysing online surveys.


Getting Your Brand Right Online

Daniel Letts from Wolff Olins writes about the importance of good branding on the internet and gives advice on how to do it.


Building Online Communities

Amy Jo Kim outlines her strategies for building successful online communities.


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