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Ringing the Changes: Newspapers Look to Reverse Fortunes

Influential media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently called for newspapers to start charging for online content to offset the loss of ad revenue. New Media Knowledge took at look at how one major European news outlet is changing its model to generate income.


Brief encounter: Steve Pammenter, MD,

According to dating software company,, having a relevant web site will always encourage relevant people to dip their hands into their pockets. We speak to Steve, Pammenter, managing director about profiting from niche.


Social Networks and Profitability

Despite early promise, a huge question mark facing social networks has been their ability to properly monetise both the huge amount of information they have on their members and their large reach. Although advertising spend on networks continues to grow, it only represents a small percentage of the overall Internet advertising budget. Tim Hoang reports on how social networks are looking to deliver for investors.


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