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White Paper: ‘Shut Up, Listen and Spin’ Online PR and Social Media Agency Work

Roger Warner of Content and Motion presents a five-step plan for planning, creating and measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns.


Interesting Stunt

Carsonified - one of the leading UK digital events companies, with a couple of web applications also under its aegis - is developing a wholly new application this week. Ian Delaney reports.


Bloggers Lost in Legal Fog

On May 28, the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 laws will come into force and cause some corporations to reassess their use of social media marketing techniques.


Rise of the Super Advocates

According to research by global information services company, Experian, one of the key trends of 2008 will be the arrival of a new group of individuals with the ability to make or break brands. Fuelled by the Web 2.0 world, the issue for marketers this year will be how they handle these so called ‘super advocates’.


A Generation of PRs will Die

The University of Westminster hosted an evening with Mark Borkowski - the publicist, pundit and founder of the eponymous PR agency - at The Old Cinema, on Regent Street. Never one to shirk from controversy, Borkowski did not hold back on his opinion of what the new digital arena meant for those of us working in the media. Tim Hoang attended the event.


Half Journalists Blacklist PRs

An online survey has revealed that the relationship between the PR industry and the journalist community is more strained than many had thought. Tim Hoang - part of the team that carried out the survey - reports.


Beers & Innovation: Clients in the Wild

What is the role of PR agencies in the wild frontier of the social web? Do traditional PR agencies even have a future as digital agencies and marketing agencies jockey for position to take control of marketing and communications projects? PRs and digital media experts met on November 20 in the twelfth of our Beers and Innovation series of events to discuss the issues. Ian Delaney reports.


Flacks Blacked by Hack

The relationship between the world of journalism and public relations was turned on its head after Chris Anderson of Wired magazine blacklisted public relations officers who had sent him press releases which were not relevant. Tim Hoang reports on the fall out and the response from both sides.


PR versus Search Marketing

Clash or collaboration? Daryl Willcox dissects the future of PR in an online world.


Vacancy: NMK PR and Product Manager

NMK has an opportunity for a PR and Product Manager. If you have a flair for positioning small enterprises, success in enhancing their brand and a keen eye for ensuring product quality - and are familiar with the development issues facing the UK's digital media sector, then you could be NMK's next PR and Product Manager.


First Online-Only PR& Marketing Outfit

In a sign of the market's growth, the UK's first completely online PR & marketing consultancy Consult the Guru launched on 5 May, offering to bring top-level marketing advice within financial reach of even the smallest companies...


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