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Community Spirit: Associated Northcliffe Digital Pilots Community Websites

To fill the void left by the decline in regional newspaper sales, publisher Associated Northcliffe Digital has launched a pilot scheme of local community websites. New Media Knowledge met the man behind the project.


Reversing Fortunes: The Irish Times’ Digital Strategy in Focus

The Irish Times is one of Ireland’s quality broadsheets with an international presence. Like many broadsheets, the dual challenges of the recession and emerging digital platforms have led the paper to look for new revenue channels. New Media Knowledge took a closer look.


Local Affair: Can Rich Media Save Regional News?

The UK’s regional papers face a potentially bleak future, so what should they – and are they – doing to reverse their fortunes? Can new media provide the shot in the arm that they need? New Media Knowledge canvassed the thoughts of some in the know.


Ringing the Changes: Newspapers Look to Reverse Fortunes

Influential media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently called for newspapers to start charging for online content to offset the loss of ad revenue. New Media Knowledge took at look at how one major European news outlet is changing its model to generate income.


Pressing issues…

Drawing on his recent experience with the Newspaper Licensing Agency, Charlie Hull of Lemur Consulting discusses some of the complexities in implementing newspaper clippings and media monitoring services.


Out of Time: Print Media’s Rocky Start to 2009

Recent high-profile print media cuts in favour of digital platforms have rekindled the debate over the long-term sustainability of print. New Media Knowledge went to find out what print media can do - if anything - to fight back and maintain editorial quality.


Opinion: What Happens to Newspapers?

The University of Westminster's Geoffrey Davies responds to issues raised at the recent NMK panel event on the subject.


What Happens to Newspapers?

With print circulations down and online advertising revenues not matching up to what has been lost in print formats, can the UK's newspapers weather the coming storm? Leading industry figures met at NMK's event on October 28, 2008 to debate the best way forward. Event chaired by Nico MacDonald.


News Sans Frontières

Overseas visitors to traditional UK media brands outnumber those from domestic sources according to new findings. Tim Hoang reports.


UK Media Consumption: Report

A new independent report commissioned by financial service company Zurich has identified a number of key trends that are set to radically alter the way in which the media is consumed by the UK population.


Youth News

The New York Times recently reported that the young are forsaking newspapers in droves.


NMK Forum: Old Guard; New Tricks

The first panel of the day covered the ways in which established media players are working to capture some of the excitement that’s been generated around social media. Ian Delaney reports.


Newspapers Beat Blogs on Mobility

Significantly more newspaper websites offer mobile versions of their content than blogs, according to research carried out by The Bivings Group, a Washington DC-based Internet communications firm. Ian Delaney reports.


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