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Collective Intelligence, Semantic Systems and Social Media: The Bermuda Triangle?

The truly exponential growth of social media at the dawn of the 21st century, led to an overwhelming wealth of content which shifted the future challenge of new media technologies from ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ to harnessing ‘the madness of the masses’. It is not a coincidence that crowd and content filtering as well as understanding the conversations and structuring of social networks have become of paramount importance to businesses and the marketing of their products.


Viewpoint: Social Media and the Semantic Web

With social media rapidly taking centre stage in marketing directors’ plans for 2010, Mark Redgrave, CEO of OpenAmplify, explains the role he believes the ‘Semantic Web’ will play in social media going forward.


Semantic Web: a new revolution for managing information

The Online Information Conference 2009, to be held next week, brings together a range of seminars of key interest to any company or professional concerned with information management. A core topic of the event is the semantic web, which brings new forms of organising content. The semantic web revolution is becoming a reality and solutions are imminent that will permit people to organise content in much more sophisticated fashion.


The Semantic Web: Ontologies and Real Time Technologies For Business

Dr Gregory Grefenstette, from Exalead explains in this article how the semantic web is changing our way of managing information within organisations. He explains the main advantages and challenges of the solution, and clarifies the concept of real time Internet from the perspective of the semantic web.


Improving Conversions: A Look at “Learning Search”

The dream of all e-commerce managers is to increase conversions rates on their websites, and in an increasingly competitive market the pressure is on them to perform. New Media Knowledge caught up with one New Zealand firm claiming it can improve conversions.


Industry Mixed on Development of Semantic Web

As the development of the ‘Semantic Web’ continues, New Media Knowledge talked to the industry to gauge how far the industry has come towards making the Semantic Web a reality and what it means for Internet users and businesses alike.


Synaptic marketing: Digital Brains Driving Positive Interactions

Father of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee has hypothesised that the next stage of the internet’s evolution, far from being another step in the user generated content vein of web 2.0, could be something far more radical, and potentially even more revolutionary. Ben Langdon, chief executive of DMG, explains.


The Cleverest Thing That Never Existed

Semantic search is poorly understood and leading to claims for its powers that lie beyond the bounds of what computers are able to do, says Charlie Hull, MD of Lemur Consulting.


MIcrosoft Buys into Semantic Search

While the definition of Web 2.0 has been argued between digital specialists for some time now, the same key themes prevail. According to Wikipedia, Web 2.0 technology enhances "creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users". The definition of Web 3.0 however is much more difficult to define.


Content-Appropriate Ad Service Launch

International online advertising network ad pepper has launched SiteScreen, a revolutionary new advertising technology from Crystal Semantics to stop advertisements from being served alongside inappropriate content...


Ontologies And The Semantic Web

The annual British Comupter Society Roger Needham lecture delivered by Ian Horrocks at the Royal Society on 7th December 2005 delivered some key insights into the reasoning behind - and challenges of - the semantic web, reports Deirdre Molloy...


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