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Digitise This! NMK meets the content delivery streamliners

With a burgeoning array of new media platforms over which content developers may distribute their material, it has proven difficult for many to keep pace. New Media Knowledge spoke to one company trying to simplify that process.


Ringing the Changes: Newspapers Look to Reverse Fortunes

Influential media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently called for newspapers to start charging for online content to offset the loss of ad revenue. New Media Knowledge took at look at how one major European news outlet is changing its model to generate income.


Multimedia Marketers

The use of video and podcasting is of increasing importance to Internet marketers, according to an industry specialist. New Media Knowledge gauged the industry on how to best capitalise on audio and video marketing.


Is Technical SEO Dead?

Gary Reid from The Search Works argues that today’s search consultants won’t be concentrating on tags and structure, but a broader set of business skills.


Brief Encounter: SpinVox

NMK's Tim Hoang interviews James Scroggs of SpinVox about the company's secrets of success and the way both the Web and the business world are likely to evolve to embrace social media.


Content Still King

US trade body the Online Publisher’s Association has introduced new metrics to account for consumers’ behaviour online. Initial results show that content sites account for nearly half of consumers’ time, with that proportion rising on a monthly basis.


Managing Content in a Converged World

Robin Daniels talks about the challenges to the ability of companies to retain customers when convergence comes around.


Scoopt Sell Blog Content to Big Media

Scoopt, the world's first citizen journalism picture agency has launched ScooptWords, its blog syndication service. Now bloggers can sell their writing to the mainstream media and tag content with commercial or flexible licences...


User Content - The Real Deal?

Since we held this event on 8th November 2005, user generated content has ballooned in simple volume. But that includes the mainstream media's adoption of it, large-scale new arrivals like YouTube and small companies springing up with user-content as the cornerstone of a variety of experimental and innovative business models, reports Deirdre Molloy...


Branded Content & easyMoney Viral Game

In an imaginative foray into the terrain of branded content, digital marketing agency Kerb has developed a viral marketing game for easyMoney car insurance, in which rival insurance firms are hunted down by easyGroup owner Stelios...


Enpocket Releases Content Engine

A new product from mobile media outfit Enpocket provides media companies and content publishers with a fast and competitive way to establish a revenue-generating mobile presence...


Personalised Mobile Moves Up A Gear

Creative media content company TLMH has entered the mobile entertainment industry with a new technology enabling people to get pictures of themselves seamlessly integrated into existing photographs or videos and sent to their mobiles...


BBC Promote User-led Video Messaging

User-generated content is to the fore again in the messaging service from VoxSurf, enabling fans to comment on England World Cup qualifiers in the 'Your Shout' video messaging trial launched by BBC Match of the Day...


Rights & Personalised Content

On-demand models of content delivery require rights models that fit the new context. So what rights models look workable for the era of personalised media, asks Michael Nutley...


Website content & usability

Writing for the web is totally different to writing for printed matter - find out how to write content for this medium with these eight guidelines.


Mileage In Paid-For Content?

Is paid-for content the only way? Dale Lovell charts the shifts in direction and opposing drivers in the debate over subscription-based content models...


How to Submit Your Content

How do I submit content to this website? These guidelines explain all...


Dynamic Content in Flash

Won Kim from Code4Design explains how Flash can do more than fancy designs by describing how to integrate a Flash animation with your content management system.


Compelling Content

Elizabeth Varley on why knowing your readers' needs is the key to good content.


Content Management Systems

Television and digital media professionals discuss content management systems for convergent media.


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