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Natural England Uses New Media to Set Green Example

The UK Government’s independent adviser on wildlife and the natural environment used new media to bring 2,500 of its employees together at its recent annual conference, reducing potential carbon emissions as a result. New Media Knowledge looks at the potential future of ‘green’ conferencing.


E-Government: Interview with Directgov

Government information site Directgov celebrates its fifth birthday this year and recently enjoyed its one billionth page impression. New Media Knowledge caught up with the site’s chief executive to learn about its ever changing role and the future of e-government.


Exclusive Interview: Oxford Internet Institute Sets Out the Privacy Threats in 2009

Privacy and identity protection online is of constant concern to Internet users. New Media Knowledge spoke to Dr. Ian Brown of the Oxford Internet Institute to get his diagnosis on the state of Internet privacy in the UK today.


Open Government: Westminster City Council’s Internet Strategy

The UK Government has made the creation of Digital Britain as a key element to its strategy going forward. New Media Knowledge spoke to the firm behind Westminster City Council’s web strategy to see the impact and opportunity presented by open source technology.


Digital Britain: Interim Government Report Gets Mixed Reception

Lord Carter unveiled his interim report into Digital Britain last week. New Media Knowledge caught up with some major players for their take and got mixed reviews. 


Government Sets Out Vision for Digital Britain

The UK Government has promised a report early next year containing recommendations of potential improvements which could be made in the country’s digital economy. New Media Knowledge asked the industry for its reaction.


Games Classifications Under Fire

The UK government has published its action plan for changes to the videogame classification system.


Open Source Government

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne yesterday addressed an audience at the RSA and outlined a vision of 'open source government'. Ian Delaney reports.


ORG Want MPs' DRM Approach Extended

The All Party Internet Group (APIG) launched its report into Digital Rights Management (DRM) on 5th June 2006 after extensive public consultation which garnered over 90 written submissions. The MPs' report makes strong recommendations to curb DRM and protect consumers...


Wasted Government Websites & Search

The paltry trickle of traffic on many UK government sites is partly down to lack of search engine marketing, says Warren Cowen of Greenlight...


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