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A Matter of Trust: User-Generated Reviews Sites in Focus

User-generated reviews sites are all the rage, enabling consumers to log on and leave their opinion on more or less anything from bars, to gadgets to whole towns and cities. New Media Knowledge wanted to know why they're so popular, can they be wholly trusted and what are the potential risks for users?


Citizen Journalism Set For A Boost

With a new range of affordable digital camcorders hitting the shelves this week, NMK takes a closer look at the continuing rise of ‘citizen journalism’.


UGC and the Law

From a legal perspective, User Generated Content (UGC) can cover Blogs, Forums, Video, Photographs, Audio, Software Code and other postings. UGC can encompass any content which users upload or post online. With such a wide array of UGC, there’s an equally wide number of ways in which content on a website you own might contravene the law.


Media at the Tipping Point

Deloitte’s ‘State of Media Democracy’ survey shows a strong demand for user-generated content, but also considerable cause for celebration among traditional media producers.


UGC and the Law

The era of user-generated content has provided site owners with fresh, inexpensive ways to populate their sites. But it also brings new legal headaches, best avoided rather than remedied. Ian Delaney reports from the presentation given by Paul Massey of K&L Gates at Internet World on 2 May 2007.


BT Backs User Content with BT Podshow

The resolve of mainstream media players to harness user-generated content stepped up a gear this month when BT announced a deal with the Podshow Network to launch a British version of its popular US show...


Beers & Innovation 2: User Content

Issues around user-generated content became more tangible and challenged old business models in 2006, creating opportunities for start-ups. So on 30th March we invited two experts in the field of media creation and UGC - Head of BBC Global News Richard Sambrook and Yellowikis co-founder Paul Youlten - to discuss the issues...


Mobrio Bring UGC to Web, Mobile & iTV

As the market for blogging and user-generated content (UGC) picks up steam, Mobrio, the online community and mobile web services company, is poised to accelerate sales growth of its 'white label' UGC platform solution, adding iTV to their community platforms portfolio...


BBC Promote User-led Video Messaging

User-generated content is to the fore again in the messaging service from VoxSurf, enabling fans to comment on England World Cup qualifiers in the 'Your Shout' video messaging trial launched by BBC Match of the Day...


User Content & Remix Culture

What drives digital activity often differs from what business plans for. Because consumers are people not sheep. Sounds extreme? Look at how remix culture and UGC have driven uptake of broadband & 3G, says Michael Nutley...


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