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NMK Podcast - Episode 14 - Aprico

Can you envisage a world where our televisions can predict what we want to watch and have it ready for us when we sit down and turn it on? Thomas Dvorak of broadcast advertising platform Aprico can.


NMK Podcast - Episode 13 - dotCommerce

Web consultancy dotCommerce’s recent study of the UK’s leading retailers found widespread neglect when including added-value content and other features that would encourage repeat visits, high transaction values and ongoing brand loyalty.


NMK Podcast - Episode 11 - Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny is probably best known as the face of the Channel 4 TV show Property Ladder, but she has also been heavily involved in successful online projects, such as She recently teamed up with digital agency Codegent to form Tepilo, a website which aims to educate and enable people how to sell their own homes.


NMK Podcast - Episode Eight - Dog's Trust

Dogs Trust is a major UK-based charity dedicated to educating dog owners on best practice and finding caring homes for dogs across the world. The organisation’s digital marketing manager, Jacqui Darlow, talks to NMK about its social media strategy, which includes DoggySnaps, its own “Facebook for dogs”, and Twitter, where it has almost 6,000 followers.


Podcast Seven: NMK Talks to the Mobile Marketing Association

This week, NMK is joined by two senior members of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to talk about its role in promoting mobile media guidelines and best practice, as well as discuss the future of this fast-growing sector.


NMK Podcast - Episode Six - Writing for the Web

Liz Keller is a senior business consultant at EMC Consulting, specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO). In this week’s podcast, she talks to New Media Knowledge about writing for the Web and provides practical advice for organisations of all sizes keen to improve their Web content and SEO effectiveness.


NMK Podcast - Episode Five - All Dig Down

Shelley Taylor is CEO and founder of all dig down, which describes itself as a “digital entertainment site for the culturally curious”. She talks to NMK about the site, the fast-evolving cultural media scene and music distribution.


NMK Podcast - Episode Two

The second NMK podcast is here. This week, we talk to Mike Rowe of 1000heads.


NMK Podcast - Episode One

NMK talks with Will McInnes of Brighton-based agency Nixon McInnes about tips for social media strategy and implementation.


Radio Gets It Right

A survey commission by Rajar has revealed that more than 14.5 million people in the UK listened to Internet radio between April and May. The popularity of services such as iPlayer, which also streams radio as well as TV, is helping increase the number of radio listeners overall.


Podcast University

Pascal Roobrouck, Project Manager at Alcatel-Lucent University - a training facility for the telecoms giant - shares some of his thoughts on the challenges and successes of its internal podcasting campaign.


Content 2.0 Podcast Goes Live!

The inaugural NMK podcast from our Content 2.0 conference held at the RSA in London on 6th June 2006 has gone live. Hear the keynotes, debates and forum sessions that explored how we will search for and market content in the age of social networks, user-created content and disruptive technologies...


Cadbury Launch Talent Show Podcast

Cadbury Trebor Bassett is launching the first ever on-line talent show podcast as part of an Easter campaign to support Cadbury Creme Egg, with listeners invited to send in their own podcasts for showcasing...


PodcastCon UK 2005 - UGC Strikes Back!

The embryonic rivalry between mainstream media, and content generated and distributed by consumers (UGC), was thrown into sharp relief last weekend at Europe's first podcasting conference held in London on 17 September...


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