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Flippin’ Marvellous: Using Video in the Classroom

The education system is changing rapidly, with forward-thinking teachers making the most of new media to engage their pupils in learning. New Media Knowledge caught up with one head teacher to learn how he had used video to great effect in the classroom.


Jumping Ahead: InterContinental Hotels Group’s Latest Viral Campaign

As organisations continue to embrace viral marketing as a way of building their brand online, New Media Knowledge took a look at InterContinental Hotels Group’s latest viral campaign.


Ad Value: Exclusive Interview with AdTech

The UK’s online video viewing audience has grown by a tenth in the last year, highlighting the growing value of using video to advertise online. New Media Knowledge met with digital marketing specialist AdTech to see how marketing managers could make the most of video.


Words Are No Longer Enough … The Future Is Video

Vignette’s Guy Westlake explains why the Internet really is the new television.


A Vision of Health: Using the Web to Fight Disease

Global Health TV is an online resource that aims to help health professionals around the world tackle disease. New Media Knowledge caught up with the site’s producers to learn more about its work.


Multimedia Marketers

The use of video and podcasting is of increasing importance to Internet marketers, according to an industry specialist. New Media Knowledge gauged the industry on how to best capitalise on audio and video marketing.


Kangaroo Court: Future of Joint Video Venture Hangs in the Balance

With three major online video providers objecting to BBC, ITV and Channel 4’s joint venture, Kangaroo, New Media Knowledge canvassed opinion from around the digital industry to see what impact Kangaroo may have, if permitted to operate.


Business Brief: Video Advertising Looks to Future

Google has announced it will incentivise advertisers on its video properties as well as launching research programmes into how Web users consume Internet video material. New Media Knowledge spoke to a number of industry players to gauge their views on where the video advertising market is going.


Citizen Journalism Set For A Boost

With a new range of affordable digital camcorders hitting the shelves this week, NMK takes a closer look at the continuing rise of ‘citizen journalism’.


YouTube gets into Top Gear

With the BBC launching its own Top Gear YouTube channel, Tim Hoang looks at the reasons for this move into video-sharing sites.


Industry Welcomes Intel/Yahoo! Internet TV Tie-In

Chip giant Intel and media outfit Yahoo! have come together to create the ‘Widget Channel’, a television application framework primed for TV and other consumer electronics devices.


Online Videos: Engaging your Users

Online video is big business nowadays. Websites dedicated to video like Youtube, BBC iPlayer and 4oD have taken off in a big way, and an increasing number of websites are introducing video content to keep users engaged.


TiVo down the YouTube?

The IPTV market is growing. Usually associated with user generated content on Web sites such as YouTube, the success of video-on-demand services, such as BBC's iPlayer and online mini soap operas such as Kate Modern has proven that there is a healthy appetite for viewing video content on computers.


TV Struggles With Ads

Traditional TV advertising is becoming less impactful as viewers begin to create their own schedules, according to eMarketer. Technology such as digital video recorders (DVRs), video-on-demand (VOD) and time-shift TV has meant that advertising is often skipped or avoided altogether.


See YouTube in Court

The phenomenon of user generated content and social networking sites still sits awkwardly with legislation. As the Web 2.0 companies continue to work out how to best profit from their huge reach, there is still dispute as to who owns the content and data and what they are allowed to do with it.


Brief Encounter: Unruly Media

Wondered how hit viral videos from commercial brands manage to garner hundreds of thousands of views? One answer is quality, original content. Another part to the answer lies with the likes of Scott Button of viral seeding agency Unruly Media. An NMK exclusive interview.


Money Rich Media

One of the growing concerns with the businesses looking to invest in the social media phenomenon is whether such sites can actually generate substantial revenue. The key to portals such as MySpace, Bebo and the like is that they are free and allow anyone to access content.


Web TV on DVD

The success of web TV shows such as Bebo’s Kate Modern and Lonely Girl 15 has lead to a renewed interest in the industry. MySpace has just announced plans to distribute its own TV shows through television and DVD, as it seeks to broaden its reach away from the computer.


Blu-Ray Wins High Definition War

Toshiba has announced that it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders. Tim Hoang reports.


Video or Audio

While many tout streaming video as the present and future of internet communications, podcasts continue to gain ground, with analysts predicting audiences to reach 65 million by 2012. Tim Hoang reports.


Web TV Quick to Gain Ground

Marketers and advertisers based in the UK are investing their budgets in on-demand and Web TV as the nation’s viewing habits become increasingly fragmented. According to the Informa Telecoms & Media report, Online TV and Video: Beyond User-Generated Content, next year the UK will be second only to the US in terms of online TV and video revenues.


Half Internet Users Visit Video-Sharing Sites

A Pew Internet & American Life Project report reveals how nearly half of Internet users have visited video-sharing sites such as YouTube.


Who's Paying for Internet TV

Kate Modern, Bebo’s hugely successful teen drama has showed the industry that web-based TV can be free, successful and profitable. Tim Hoang looks at who is paying for these shows and how they are paying for it.


iDesign Videos

Many thanks to George Grylls for taking videos of the iDesign conference on September 18. The first 23 of these have now been uploaded to YouTube.


iTV Show Europe 2007

NMK is pleased to announced its media sponsorship of the iTV Show Europe 2007.


Social Bookmarking Explained

The good people at Common Craft have a new addition to their series of short videos explaining Web 2.0 phenomena in plain English. This time around, the topic is social bookmarking. Ideal for those occasions when you’ve already explained it ten times today.


Introduction to Video SEO

David Reilly of Barracuda Digital shares some tips on using video content to boost search rankings.


Video Hits and Misses

A new report from Futurescape - From TV Ads to YouTube Anarchy - argues that for marketing through video social networks to succeed, it must "align itself with the members instead of broadcasting at them, TV-style".


The Search for Video

Online video is always in the news this year. Perhaps this is because it's become the most critical site of battle between old and new media; the big corporations and the power of crowds.


Hits and Misses in Online Video

The impact of online video advertising varies considerably according to research from Dynamic Logic.


EMI & T-Mobile Put Ads In Mobile Video

EMI Music, the world's largest independent record company, and T-Mobile, one of the world's largest mobile operators are collaborating on a trial of ad-supported mobile video with the support of mobile advertising pioneer Rhythm NewMedia...


Mobile Marketing With Video Portals

Universal McCann and VoxSurf VideoLab's strategic partnership claims to offer the first rich 3G mobile brand experiences with multi-media video portals enabling brands to promote direct-to-consumer by simply making a 3G videocall...


BBC Promote User-led Video Messaging

User-generated content is to the fore again in the messaging service from VoxSurf, enabling fans to comment on England World Cup qualifiers in the 'Your Shout' video messaging trial launched by BBC Match of the Day...


Video Accessible On 2.5G Mobiles!

There's a danger the MMS market will go nowhere in its current manifestation. Mobile content companies shouldn't just focus on 3G to fulfil and stimulate demand, Graham Jarvis explains...


The VOD Era: Can Broadcasters Adapt?

Video-on-demand throws up some serious challenges to broadcasters. What trends are emerging and what business models will help them survive, asks Michael Nutley...


Universal flex content muscles

Universal Music is to charge broadcasters for videos across online and VOD media platforms, and is launching its own channel. What does this augur for music programming, distribution and promotion asks Eamonn Forde...


Video Killed the Pop-Up Star

In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone too far... Says Michael Nutley. Kind of. In this article Nutley examines how US users favour online video advertising and questions if it would work for the UK market...


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