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Facebook showcases successes at TFM&A

The annual Technology for Marketing and Advertising exhibition took place this week at London’s Earls Court, bringing together some of the UK’s leading Internet marketing innovators. New Media Knowledge checked in to watch Facebook demonstrate its offering for advertisers.


BBC launches new mobile apps

At the Mobile World Congress, the UK broadcaster unveiled plans to launch several new mobile applications, showcasing its news, sport, and TV content. The BBC News app will arrive first, with the iPhone version leading the way in April.


Viral Marketing: Does it still work?

Viral videos are a popular Internet marketing tactic, but has the public become wise to subliminal marketing tactics of businesses? New Media Knowledge spoke to a number of marketers to learn how to make a successful viral.


Knowing Your Rights: Creative Industries Admit to Internet Image Abuse

The Internet is a fantastic source of information and images, but many organizations are using photos and illustrations that they have no right to use. New Media Knowledge sought to clarify the rules on when one can – and can’t – use images.


Join the debate on smartphones

Smartphones have been calling the attention of the media these last weeks. Join the debate and let the NMK members know your opinion.


New Year’s Evolution: What Does 2009 Hold for New Media?

The digital media sector has been one of the few bright lights in wider economic gloom. With mixed messages as to the level of investment in online marketing next year, New Media Knowledge spoke to various sector players to gauge their thoughts.


Government Sets Out Vision for Digital Britain

The UK Government has promised a report early next year containing recommendations of potential improvements which could be made in the country’s digital economy. New Media Knowledge asked the industry for its reaction.


iDesign - Working the Walk

We’re delighted to say that Tuesday’s iDesign conference went down a treat. If you wanted to know where exactly this country is up to with interactive design,and where it’s going, then we think the Dynamo team nailed it with this event.


My Digital Life

The AOP's report this month, My Digital Life, reveals striking generational differences when it comes to the extent and nature of internet use.


Digital Dialogues

A study into the use of eDemocracy tools by the UK Government has published its interim findings. Simon Collister examines how far it's come.


UK Teenagers Bilingual & Trilingual

Punctuation, symbols, abbreviations and emoticons make online language multi-dimensional, new research from UK-headquarteded online virtual community Habbo Hotel shows. Teens swimming in a river of digital and mobile technologies are shaping the changes...


Net Benefits of Digital For Print

Digital publishing is delivering returns, with leading digital publishers predicting that by 2012 digital activities will contribute up to 40% of revenues, according to a new report surveying UK publishers from Deloitte and the UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP)...


In the City 2005: The Digital High St

TuneTribe, Yahoo! Music, Playlouder, The Orchard and O2's former head of content examined the digital high street in this Interactive @ In The City 2005 session. Subscription versus downloads, filesharing, communities, trusted intermediaries and cross-platform challenges were explored and debated, reports Deirdre Molloy...


Fashion Through A Digital Lens

Fashion marketers, designers and students gathered on 13 October 2005 to hear a range of fashion brand, web marketing and interactive television speakers explore the lessons, trends and opportunties for fashion on digital channels, reports Deirdre Molloy....


Digital Marketing: Focus On Results

To counter the myths about digital marketing and communications AKQA have penned a set of principles illuminating how to approach digital strategy. Here, the first of their '10 Commandments' explores why we should focus on results...


Digital Image Guidelines For Industry

The Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA) Digital group has launched the world's first best practice guidelines for handling digital images, a move set to revolutionise the UK digital imaging industry and save firms substantial sums each year...


Digital Advertising Strategy Countdown

In his overview of the forthcoming Ten Commandments Of Digital Advertising Strategy series of articles, AKQA's Saher Sidhom runs down the complete list. Agree, have a bone to pick or your own commandments to add? Then blog it or comment on the NMK site...


10 Commandments of Digital Advertising

Digital is finally out of the ghetto. But how can you play to and demonstrate its strengths strategically? Leading agency AKQA outline the 10 Commandments of Digital Strategy in a series of articles for NMK and have launched a blog to discuss the issues...


Fashion Industry Gets Niche Agency

Digital media agency Catwalk Creations has launched during London Fashion Week this week. In turn they offer upcoming and established designers, models and artists the chance to breakout of the catwalk show mentality and showcase their collections using video and 3D artwork all year round...


Intercative Art @ Science Museum

Stolen heads and swarms of bugs feature in 'Digital You', the free intercative art installation at the Science Museum in London which uses art to represent people's online personas...


Brighton Digital Festival November2005

From 1-30 November, Brighton & Hove becomes home to one of the UK's largest digital festivals spanning digital art, community and innovation...


Agency Backs Digital Education Scheme

Digital agency Dare has joined forces with Watford and Brunel colleges to launch an educational initiative designed to spur young creatives into entering the ranks of digital advertising...


Discovering Music In the Digital Age

Music as a consumer product is changing radically in the digital age. Packaging and albums are pass. DAB, P2P, the "long tail" and the iPod shuffle are broadening tastes. Can blogs guide us through the maze, wonders Michael Nutley...


Charities: Making Digital Gains

On 26 May new media and marketing staff from charities and other third sector organisations gathered to hear speakers from digital agencies explore their work for charities covering awareness, fundraising and campaigning. Read the event report...


Digital Immigrant Or Digital Native?

In a world of connected consumers creating their own content, uniting in communities of interest and even becoming citizen reporters, how do brands engage, asks the co-author of 'Communities Dominate Brands'...



Great news for digital and creative businesses in the North. A 10 million state-of-the art centre to support companies in the creative and digital industries is to be built in Barnsley after major funding secured from Yorkshire Forward and the European Union...


Ascent Of Digital Cable TV

Recent advances in the functionality and interactivity of digital cable TV provide a compelling alternative to satellite for channel owners and advertisers wanting to increase audience share and reach, says David Ratcliffe...


Rethinking Digital Branding

Digital campaigns for Levi's, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Absolut Cut, Virgin Mobile and more were unpacked - and the future of digital branding explored - in this NMK event held on 10 March...


Global Digital

Roya Jakoby considers the different cultural notions of visualisation and navigation in interactive media.


Digital Africa

Read the report of our Digital Africa event on the 10th July 2003.


Writing Drama for Digital Media

The creative possibilities of writing interactive drama.


The Digital Tokamak

Zaid Hassan considers the value of intellectual property in the digital economy.


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