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Reversing Fortunes: The Irish Times’ Digital Strategy in Focus

The Irish Times is one of Ireland’s quality broadsheets with an international presence. Like many broadsheets, the dual challenges of the recession and emerging digital platforms have led the paper to look for new revenue channels. New Media Knowledge took a closer look.


‘Mega Monday’ Bucks High Street Woes

Monday last week saw record online sales in the UK, as widely predicted. A combination of bargains, increased Web access and poor weather means that, more than ever, UK consumers are buying online. New Media Knowledge spoke to an affiliate marketing firm to see how high street brands can best leverage ecommerce.


Sky Appoints its First Head of Mobile Advertising: an Industry Viewpoint

With broadcaster Sky strengthening its mobile ambitions with the appointment of Tim Hussein, NMK spoke to Russell Buckley, newly appointed chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, about what this means for the industry.


Brief Encounter: Richard Mower, PocketSurfer

What about the mobile Web away from mobile phones? While the dongle/laptop combo is the primary choice for some, PocketSurfer has other ideas.


Brief encounter: Steve Pammenter, MD,

According to dating software company,, having a relevant web site will always encourage relevant people to dip their hands into their pockets. We speak to Steve, Pammenter, managing director about profiting from niche.


Brief Encounter: Alterian

One company that believes it has developed a way to start measuring social media is Alterian. We speak to David Eldridge, CEO of the marketing software firm about how businesses can combine both profile and usage data to create a better, tailored user experience.


Brief Encounter: Huddle

Making social networks work for businesses is the nirvana for digital specialists. Despite Shel Holtz's assertions that the b2b space is ideal for social media as it is all built on relationships, no one has really cracked this yet. Social networks still struggle to effectively monetise its huge user base, but a network specifically tailored for businesses ought to be easily sellable as long as it worked.


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