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Influencers... Don't?

A recent study from Canadian research group, Pollara, could prove to be a rude awakening for marketers keen to exploit social media as a channel for pushing brand messages. According to the study, so called social media influencers may not have as much sway as marketers thought them to.


Brand Advocacy Worth Five Times More Than Adverts?

Two new pieces of research have highlighted why businesses should be investing in brand advocacy as a means for driving sales. Tim Hoang reports.


A Generation of PRs will Die

The University of Westminster hosted an evening with Mark Borkowski - the publicist, pundit and founder of the eponymous PR agency - at The Old Cinema, on Regent Street. Never one to shirk from controversy, Borkowski did not hold back on his opinion of what the new digital arena meant for those of us working in the media. Tim Hoang attended the event.


Advocates and Social Media

New-age advertisers frequently create viral campaigns and use social media to encourage their advocates to ’spread the word’. But is this money well spent? A new paper from JupiterResearch casts some doubt on the strategy.


Brands Meet Blogs

At the Shiny Media Blogs and Brands seminar on Friday 6th July, Helen Nowicka of Shiny Red unveiled the results of some new research into the attitudes and behaviours of online audiences.


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