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Citizen Journalism Set For A Boost

With a new range of affordable digital camcorders hitting the shelves this week, NMK takes a closer look at the continuing rise of ‘citizen journalism’.


News Sans Frontières

Overseas visitors to traditional UK media brands outnumber those from domestic sources according to new findings. Tim Hoang reports.


Half Journalists Blacklist PRs

An online survey has revealed that the relationship between the PR industry and the journalist community is more strained than many had thought. Tim Hoang - part of the team that carried out the survey - reports.


Flacks Blacked by Hack

The relationship between the world of journalism and public relations was turned on its head after Chris Anderson of Wired magazine blacklisted public relations officers who had sent him press releases which were not relevant. Tim Hoang reports on the fall out and the response from both sides.


NMK Forum: Dan Gillmor

Keynote speaker Dan Gillmor spoke on the subject of where we will find the next phase of journalism. His answer was that it was unlikely that this would be from existing media outlets.


NMK Forum: Old Guard; New Tricks

The first panel of the day covered the ways in which established media players are working to capture some of the excitement that’s been generated around social media. Ian Delaney reports.


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