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Give Your Marketing a Nudge: Exclusive Interview with Nudge Social Media

According to research out this week more than a quarter of firms are heavily involved in social media and most intend to attribute more budget to the platform next year. New Media Knowledge caught up with Toby Beresford, commercial director of social media agency Nudge, to see what it’s working on and predictions for next year.


Driven to SEO: Volvo Expands Digital Marketing Strategy

As the economic crisis has forced car manufacturers to reassess their marketing models to attract buyers from an apparently ever-dwindling pool, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is looking at digital marketing to improve its fortunes. New Media Knowledge spoke to the people behind Volvo’s new digital strategy to see what it will entail.


Governing Digital

Richard Greenhalgh, Managing Director of EHS Brann Discovery, discusses the growing need to put data governance at the heart of business strategy.


How to Attract More Clients

Imagine life with a steady flow of new client enquiries. Every month, interested decision makers make contact with you. They either come recommend by someone who knows you – or they have read your useful, helpful and interesting material. Before they even speak to you, they like what they have heard.


NGOs must improve web strategies

Blogs, webcasting and online discussion groups are changing the way charities campaign and consult, according to a new report. But the report reveals that there is also a real need for charities to think more strategically about how to exploit other new opportunities presented by online tools


Digital Marketing: Focus On Results

To counter the myths about digital marketing and communications AKQA have penned a set of principles illuminating how to approach digital strategy. Here, the first of their '10 Commandments' explores why we should focus on results...


Digital Advertising Strategy Countdown

In his overview of the forthcoming Ten Commandments Of Digital Advertising Strategy series of articles, AKQA's Saher Sidhom runs down the complete list. Agree, have a bone to pick or your own commandments to add? Then blog it or comment on the NMK site...


10 Commandments of Digital Advertising

Digital is finally out of the ghetto. But how can you play to and demonstrate its strengths strategically? Leading agency AKQA outline the 10 Commandments of Digital Strategy in a series of articles for NMK and have launched a blog to discuss the issues...


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