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Can Losers Come First?

Tino Nombro, MD of Ambergreen, examines the changes in Google and the significance of not ranking first.


Finding a Voice: New Tool Aims to Help Bloggers Improve SEO

With blogging still on the rise and even providing a comfortable living for some, a new tool has been made available to help bloggers to draft more search engine-friendly copy. NMK spoke to the people behind it.


NMK Podcast - Episode Six - Writing for the Web

Liz Keller is a senior business consultant at EMC Consulting, specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO). In this week’s podcast, she talks to New Media Knowledge about writing for the Web and provides practical advice for organisations of all sizes keen to improve their Web content and SEO effectiveness.


Search Party: Just How Can Marketers Keep Up With the Search Revolution?

It has been a busy couple of months in the search engine arena. With the main sites all adding upgrades and new players arriving on the scene. New Media Knowledge canvassed the market for advice on how digital marketers could possibly keep up.


Is Technical SEO Dead?

Gary Reid from The Search Works argues that today’s search consultants won’t be concentrating on tags and structure, but a broader set of business skills.


White Paper: ‘Shut Up, Listen and Spin’ Online PR and Social Media Agency Work

Roger Warner of Content and Motion presents a five-step plan for planning, creating and measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns.


Search Party: Interview with Kevin Ryan

Organisations are predicted to spend an increasing share of their marketing budgets on search engine optimisation in 2009. But what are the new themes and issues that will tax organisations in their efforts to make the most of search?


Business Sites Handicapping SEO

Businesses are alienating a large section of the online market by failing to optimise their sites for disabled Web users.


Money Saving Pay-per-Click Tips

If you’re feeling the pinch and considering cutting back on your pay per click budget, it is possible to shave inches off your current wasted spend without sacrificing your search engine presence completely. Rebecca Appleton of Top Position explains how to make your existing budget a trimmer, leaner prospect with these money saving tips…


SEO for Branding

A new study has revealed that search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t just about traffic, but can also impact brands. Tim Hoang reports on how companies should be looking to integrate SEO fully with the marketing mix.


Visibility in Search

The UK’s small and medium sized businesses are wasting an estimated £3bn investing in websites that are virtually invisible to search engines according to a new report. With nearly 70 per cent of the UK population online, Tim Hoang reports on whether UK firms are missing a potentially lucrative trick.


The PageRank Debate

Google has altered its algorithms with a negative affect on the search rankings of many high profile sites. Google has confirmed that it is is downgrading the PageRank (PR) of any sites that seeks to improve its site ranking through mass link purchase. This has caused many rumblings in the blogosphere - with some questioning the worth of PR. Tim Hoang examines the debate.


Keywords and Creativity

Ken McGaffin and Neil Davidson gave a great seminar here at NMK on the subject of Keyword Creativity. How understanding the way that people are searching for you - and your competitors - might inform what you create for them.


NMK Forum: Jason Calacanis

The first keynote of the conference, Jason Calacanis, proclaimed that there is an environmental crisis on the Internet, and that SEO is responsible for it.


Introduction to Video SEO

David Reilly of Barracuda Digital shares some tips on using video content to boost search rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation demystified

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a buzz-word in the business community and viewed by some as being a black art based on voodoo. There are also many people in the community who believe that SEO is an absolute necessity when undertaking an online project, requiring significant investment and resource to position a site on the first page of a search engine?s results. This belief is a myth, writes James Varga.


SEO & its usability benefits

Web developers are often of the impression that there has to be a trade-off between optimising for people and optimising for search engines. This article argues that this isn't necessarily the case.


Accessibility & SEO benefits

One of the lesser-known benefits of web accessibility is the fact that a website more accessible to people is also more accessible to search engines. This article outlines the ways the two areas overlap.


Search Engine Marketing Comes Of Age

Marketing Karma's Robin Houghton charts the rise of SEO and search marketing.


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