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Measure for Measure: Gauging the Impact of Social Media

Measuring and improving the effectiveness and impact of social media is an ongoing debate. One group has been meeting on a monthly basis for more than a year to discuss the evolution of social media. New Media Knowledge's Chris Lee went along to “Measurement Camp” to learn more.


Improving Conversions: A Look at “Learning Search”

The dream of all e-commerce managers is to increase conversions rates on their websites, and in an increasingly competitive market the pressure is on them to perform. New Media Knowledge caught up with one New Zealand firm claiming it can improve conversions.


Making Sense of Search Positions

Grant Whiteside from Ambergreen examines the science and strategy in Google organic search positions.


Web Analytics: An Epiphany

Ben Langdon of DMG, discusses a new vision of web analytics.


Synaptic marketing: Digital Brains Driving Positive Interactions

Father of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee has hypothesised that the next stage of the internet’s evolution, far from being another step in the user generated content vein of web 2.0, could be something far more radical, and potentially even more revolutionary. Ben Langdon, chief executive of DMG, explains.


The Rise and Rise of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing is set to become big business in 2009, according to industry analysts. NMK spoke to one analytical firm helping a number of firms maximise their word-of-mouth potential and therefore react quickly to changing market demands.


UK Google Analytics users beware

Since its launch in 2005 Google Analytics has become a well loved free statistics tool by UK bloggers, publishers and marketers alike. Yet, Chris Lightfoot explains, users of the service could be in breach of the UK Data Protection Act.


A New Dawn For Web Analytics

2006 heralded a step change in the web analytics market. Now businesses with an online presence wishing to succeed in this rapidly changing world are welcoming the next evolution in marketing analytics, says Conrad Bennett...


What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is to the internet what words are to a novel - you can't have one without the other for it to be taken seriously. If you're new to measuring websites this introduction by WebAbacus can help...


What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is touted around the industry like sweets are on a school playground. If you're just starting out WebAbacus has provided this great introduction to what web analytics can do for you.


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