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Web TV on DVD

The success of web TV shows such as Bebo’s Kate Modern and Lonely Girl 15 has lead to a renewed interest in the industry. MySpace has just announced plans to distribute its own TV shows through television and DVD, as it seeks to broaden its reach away from the computer.


Internet TV in the Mainstream

With Internet TV rising in popularity, it is no surprise to find that for many, the PC has become the second TV in many homes, according to new research by Internet video specialist Simply and media boutique Work Research.


Beers & Innovation: Filthy Lucre

What can the digital industry learn from the adult entertainment sector? At the latest in our Beers and Innovation series of events, NMK dons its grubby mac to uncover the ways in which mainstream internet businesses might evolve by emulating this often uninvestigated industry. How might you adopt some of these tools and techniques to generate new business, embrace change and engage with mass markets effectively?


Reasons for branded entertainment

Games or advergames have proven an excellent way to engage with audiences. With more people now spending time online than watching TV, the increase of broadband and the growing appeal of social groups, video and games online, branded entertainment looks like a great avenue online, writes Andrew Azorbo.


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