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Accessibility for Better Business

Businesses of all sizes are missing out on opportunities to create new leads and make more sales because they aren’t following basic web accessibility practices. That’s according to a new white paper from CMS developer Squiz. Ian Delaney reports.


Accessibility audit vs. testing

Article outlining the difference between the two accessibility evaluation methods: The accessibility audit and accessibility testing.


Accessing the world of web 2.0

Accessibility is currently in a great state of change. Trenton Moss outlines what the future may hold in this area and how this may affect your website.


Cafe Rouge's new accessible website

Caf Rouge have claimed to have launched a new accessible website. Webcredible's Trenton Moss doesn't quite agree


Beyond guidelines: Extra accessibility

Find out how to go beyond the W3C accessibility guidelines and offer a truly accessible web experience.


Using the Web Accessibility Toolbar

The Web Accessibility Toolbar will help you test any website for basic accessibility in just a few minutes - find out where you can get it from and how to use it.


Local Government Accessibilty Awards

Clackmannanshire Council have won another web accessibility award for their innovative website.


Travel Websites Fail On Accessibility

UK travel websites are falling short of their online business potential and failing to reach a wider audience by not recognising the needs of all users, a new report reveals...


Automated accessibility tool problems

Automated accessibility testing tools can be useful, but there are a number of disadvantages with relying on them.


Web accessibility: The basics

Learn the all-important web accessibility basics with these tips and guidelines


Accessibility & SEO benefits

One of the lesser-known benefits of web accessibility is the fact that a website more accessible to people is also more accessible to search engines. This article outlines the ways the two areas overlap.


Accessible benefit: usability

Web accessibility has a huge number of benefits, one the main ones being increased usability. This article outlines some of the ways accessibility and usability overlap and how enhancing a website's accessibility can automatically improve its usability too.


Ten accessibility blunders of

Learn web accessibility from the mistakes that the big websites are making!


Ten Quick Tests

Trenton Moss has devised this quick and simple test to check the accessibility of your website. Does yours make the grade?


Web accessibility benefits 2

Trenton Moss believes that accessible websites not only make more money, but save more money. In the second part of his accessibility benefits article he examines how...


Web accessibility benefits 1

An accessible website has a number of benefits, most notably a large increase in the number of people being able to use your website. Find out why and how...


Web Accessibility Myths

The DRC's recent report has suddenly thrown web accessibility into the spotlight of the online community and a lot of misinformation has been thrown around. In this article Trenton attempts to put a stop to this and tell you the truth behind web accessibility.


Accessibility Guide

The issues companies must address before thinking about accessibility.


Web accessibility: the user groups

Joe Navin, Managing Director of Winona eSolutions, gives an overview of the W3C's Web Accessibility Inititiative, and the five groups who will benefit from sites that observe its guidelines.


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