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Instagram ads to expand beyond US. Here are some top tips for marketers

Photo app Instagram announced recently that it is to expand its ad offering outside the US and into Canada, the UK and Australia. So what are the learnings that organisations can learn from the first iteration of Instagram ads? New Media Knowledge sought the advice of brand planner Shane O’Leary to learn more. By Chris Lee.


How to make the most of Facebook’s latest Pages change

Facebook has changed the layout of its business Pages. New Media Knowledge caught up with integrated marketing experts Collider to learn how brands can make the most of the changes. By Chris Lee.


Usability explained: Examples and advice for successful user guidance

FACT-Finder’s Marino Casucci shares advice on best practice for creating successful user guidance in your online shop.


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NMK Podcast - Episode Nine - Twittering Bletchley Park

By: NMK Created on: June 29th, 2009
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Dr Sue Black of the University of Westminster has been using social networking, specifically Twitter, to raise awareness of the plight of Bletchley Park, including a big boost from the author and actor Stephen Fry. She spoke to NMK about how she’s hoping to help preserve this important piece of British – and computing – history.

Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes in southern England holds a special place in the history of computing. It’s here that code breakers cracked the infamous Enigma code during World War II, a feat US President Eisenhower credited with shortening the war by two years, potentially saving 22 million lives in the process. Also, the first programmable computer – Colossus – was developed here. The grounds at Bletchley Park now include a museum and conferencing facilities, but the site has struggled to raise sufficient funds to keep going.

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