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Tearing Down the Walls

In this article, Dr. Elayne Coakes analyses the project Tearing Down the Walls, which draws upon a Web 2.0 infrastructure to provide an environment in which students develop applications in accordance with their needs. The project idea came from Roger James, Information Systems Director at the University of Westminster. He wondered what would happen if students were allowed to develop new applications for other students and maybe staff within the existing ‘garden walls’ of the university’s applications. The project is called internally TWOLER where the ‘LER’ stands for Lightweight Enterprise RSS and the ‘TWO’ for Web 2.0.


Collective Intelligence, Semantic Systems and Social Media: The Bermuda Triangle?

The truly exponential growth of social media at the dawn of the 21st century, led to an overwhelming wealth of content which shifted the future challenge of new media technologies from ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ to harnessing ‘the madness of the masses’. It is not a coincidence that crowd and content filtering as well as understanding the conversations and structuring of social networks have become of paramount importance to businesses and the marketing of their products.


Virtual communities and the democratic debate: online discussions not always bring freedom of speech

Much has been discussed by academics and practitioners about the role of virtual communities in promoting open debate, and so improving the quality of public participation and underpinning democracy. However virtual communities do not necessarily have full freedom of speech.


To Be a Better Leader, Give Up Authority

Professor Vlatka Hlupic (Westminster Business School), in association with A.D. Amar and C. Hentrich, is publishing an article in Harvard Business Review in December. The article argues that the complexity of the recurrent business environment demands new mindsets and leadership skills, and concludes that relaxation of control can benefit any knowledge based company.


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