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Making Money from Blogs: Interview

In a few short years blogging has journeyed from the reserve of the geek to a cottage industry, turning into a full-time career for many. How can individuals or businesses start making money from blogging? New Media Knowledge went in search of answers.


Real-Time Internet: what is it and does it matter?

There is more and more buzz these days about real time Internet, but what is it? How is it used and mostly importantly does it actually matter? Joe Hughes of Yomego explains the latest trend.


Making Sense of Search Positions

Grant Whiteside from Ambergreen examines the science and strategy in Google organic search positions.


NMK Podcast - Episode Three - FindsYou

Guy Walker put his two decades of industry experience into forming, a new website which alerts sellers with suitable buyers through an alert system and enables them to initiate contact.


NMK Podcast - Episode One

NMK talks with Will McInnes of Brighton-based agency Nixon McInnes about tips for social media strategy and implementation.


Social Networking Gets On Its Bike

The rise in popularity of cycling coincides with the growth of social networking and microblogging. New Media Knowledge took a look at the industry and spoke to one firm which aims to build a social network for keen riders.


Legalise It: Interview with

A new service has been launched which enables members of the public to generate their own legal documents and have them verified by trained lawyers without having to leave the comfort of their computer. New Media Knowledge met the founders to learn more.


Monster Mash: Interview with Mind Candy

Moshi Monsters, the popular free online game for children, passed the 1.5 million user mark this month. New Media Knowledge met the people behind it to find out the secret to its success. 


Case Study: Building a Web Business from Scratch

Radio Lingua is an e-learning languages resource which has seen more than 30 million downloads of its podcasts since its launch in late 2006. New Media Knowledge spoke to the founder to find out how language learning online helped him give up the day job.


Measure for Measure: Meeting the Analytics Challenge

Being able to adjust their website to suit changing customer demands is crucial for marketers. New Media Knowledge spoke to one company looking to help them manage the process.


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