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Digital Marketing

Can Losers Come First?

Tino Nombro, MD of Ambergreen, examines the changes in Google and the significance of not ranking first.


Measuring Social Media: Exclusive Interview with Omniture

Measuring the impact of social media on an organisation’s brand has become a key consideration for marketers in recent years. New Media Knowledge spoke to one measurement specialist to get a steer on best practice.


NMK Podcast - Episode Ten - Location-Based Digital Services Firm Iome

The rapid rise in smart phone adoption has led to an increase in location-based digital services, which could provide massive opportunities, especially on the High Street. Phil Eames is CEO of iome,a British firm which is helping develop this fast-growing market. Here he speaks to NMK about the potential for location-based digital services.


Social Media in Email Marketing: Hurdling the Barriers to Adoption

A survey out this month found that most marketers plan to invest in social media and email marketing campaigns this year. Yet confusion over how to measure their effectives and even where to start are major hurdles to setting out. New Media Knowledge caught up with the report author to get some advice on how to proceed.


Give Me Some Skcin: Skin Cancer Charity Boosts Awareness with Viral

When skin cancer charity Skcin wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of irresponsible tanning among young people, it turned to a mix of new media and traditional PR to get its message across. New Media Knowledge took a closer look.


Kia Looks to Engage further with the Web Community

With car buyers increasingly turning to the Web for their research, today’s customers are extraordinarily well informed. For John Bache, database & digital marketing manager at KiaMotors (UK) Ltd. this means the role of the manufacturer’s website is changing. Car companies must move beyond standard brochure-ware and catalogues and start provisioning original content that increases customer engagement and helps to inspire people to visit their local dealer.


In-Game Advertising: Not Mass Market….Yet

In-game advertising may lack the widespread appeal of other ad platforms but can be effective in engaging audiences, a survey suggests. New Media Knowledge took a look at in-game advertising’s potential.


Jumping Ahead: InterContinental Hotels Group’s Latest Viral Campaign

As organisations continue to embrace viral marketing as a way of building their brand online, New Media Knowledge took a look at InterContinental Hotels Group’s latest viral campaign.


Web Analytics: An Epiphany

Ben Langdon of DMG, discusses a new vision of web analytics.


Ad Value: Exclusive Interview with AdTech

The UK’s online video viewing audience has grown by a tenth in the last year, highlighting the growing value of using video to advertise online. New Media Knowledge met with digital marketing specialist AdTech to see how marketing managers could make the most of video.


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