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Join the debate on smartphones

Smartphones have been calling the attention of the media these last weeks. Join the debate and let the NMK members know your opinion.


Flippin’ Marvellous: Using Video in the Classroom

The education system is changing rapidly, with forward-thinking teachers making the most of new media to engage their pupils in learning. New Media Knowledge caught up with one head teacher to learn how he had used video to great effect in the classroom.


Educating the Educators: Teachers Get Help for the Digital World

A new website has been launched to help teachers understand digital media and make the most of it in the classroom. New Media Knowledge spoke to professionals at the coal face to see what difference they thought it would make.


Gender Blender: Can New Media Help Attract More Women Into IT?

The ICT sector still struggles to attract women, according to research. Could new and social media provide the impetus needed to encourage more female entrants into the profession? New Media Knowledge canvassed some views.


NMK Podcast - Episode Nine - Twittering Bletchley Park

Dr Sue Black of the University of Westminster has been using social networking, specifically Twitter, to raise awareness of the plight of Bletchley Park, including a big boost from the author and actor Stephen Fry. She spoke to NMK about how she’s hoping to help preserve this important piece of British – and computing – history.


Natural England Uses New Media to Set Green Example

The UK Government’s independent adviser on wildlife and the natural environment used new media to bring 2,500 of its employees together at its recent annual conference, reducing potential carbon emissions as a result. New Media Knowledge looks at the potential future of ‘green’ conferencing.


NMK Podcast - Episode Eight - Dog's Trust

Dogs Trust is a major UK-based charity dedicated to educating dog owners on best practice and finding caring homes for dogs across the world. The organisation’s digital marketing manager, Jacqui Darlow, talks to NMK about its social media strategy, which includes DoggySnaps, its own “Facebook for dogs”, and Twitter, where it has almost 6,000 followers.


Voter Apathy: Would E-voting Increase Turnout?

Poor voter turnout at recent local and European Parliament elections have raised once again the question of electronic voting to stimulate the electorate into action. New Media Knowledge weighed up the possibilities.


NMK Podcast - Episode Six - Writing for the Web

Liz Keller is a senior business consultant at EMC Consulting, specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO). In this week’s podcast, she talks to New Media Knowledge about writing for the Web and provides practical advice for organisations of all sizes keen to improve their Web content and SEO effectiveness.


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