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Mobile Retailing is on the Move

Benjamin Dyer, director of product development at ecommerce supplier Actinic, reflects on the reality of that most elusive of future technologies: mobile commerce.


NMK Podcast - Episode 14 - Aprico

Can you envisage a world where our televisions can predict what we want to watch and have it ready for us when we sit down and turn it on? Thomas Dvorak of broadcast advertising platform Aprico can.


The British Dental Association Gets Its Teeth into Social Media

Dentists across the UK can now benefit from an interactive web resource and engage in social media with other dental professionals thanks to a new website. New Media Knowledge opened wide and delved deep.


NMK Podcast - Episode 13 - dotCommerce

Web consultancy dotCommerce’s recent study of the UK’s leading retailers found widespread neglect when including added-value content and other features that would encourage repeat visits, high transaction values and ongoing brand loyalty.


NMK Podcast - Episode 12 - Seat 61

Mark Smith turned his passion for train travel into a full-time occupation by forming the rail information website Seat 61. The site has picked up a number of travel industry awards since its inception in 2001. NMK caught up with Smith, also known as “The Man in Seat 61”, to see how he did it, gain his advice for would-be Internet entrepreneurs and find out why he believes content is king.


Improving Conversions: A Look at “Learning Search”

The dream of all e-commerce managers is to increase conversions rates on their websites, and in an increasingly competitive market the pressure is on them to perform. New Media Knowledge caught up with one New Zealand firm claiming it can improve conversions.


Community Spirit: Associated Northcliffe Digital Pilots Community Websites

To fill the void left by the decline in regional newspaper sales, publisher Associated Northcliffe Digital has launched a pilot scheme of local community websites. New Media Knowledge met the man behind the project.


Finding a Voice: New Tool Aims to Help Bloggers Improve SEO

With blogging still on the rise and even providing a comfortable living for some, a new tool has been made available to help bloggers to draft more search engine-friendly copy. NMK spoke to the people behind it.


Knowing Me, Knowing You: Exclusive Interview with Customer Feedback Specialist, Feefo

Getting feedback from customers on goods and services is crucial to effective marketing. New Media Knowledge met with one firm which is leveraging the Web to enable businesses to improve their business by better understanding customer feedback.


Podcast Seven: NMK Talks to the Mobile Marketing Association

This week, NMK is joined by two senior members of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to talk about its role in promoting mobile media guidelines and best practice, as well as discuss the future of this fast-growing sector.


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